This is City-Centric|About Us

City-Centric emerged in 2013/14, as an interdisciplinary urban studies reading group based within the English Department at King’s College London. The group aimed to gather together graduate students and staff from across a range of academic disciplines with a particular interest in the urban environment. The city is a space of encounter, distance, connection and absence: in the city, taxonomies of class, race, gender and sexuality, become challenged and affirmed by interplays involving human spatial practices and nonhuman things, buildings, places and spaces. City-centric is a chance to join us in multiplying and clarifying the questions we have about the city, exploring in the theme of Surveillance. The group is collaboratively run by Penny Newell (King’s College, London), Júlia Braga-Neves (King’s College, London/Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin).

Below are some details of last year’s programme. Where possible, these readings have been included in our ‘We’re Reading’ page – where you will also find readings, events, exhibitions, parallel reading groups/seminar series, and related projects. Anyone is welcome to contribute to this listing – please use the form provided.

Also on the website, you will find information of past and upcoming sessions, CFPs we think might be of interest, and information of the 2013/14 conference. News of this year’s conference will be posted shortly. Please email penny[dot]newell[at] and julia[dot]braga_neves[at], if you would like to be added to the mailing list.



Autumn Semester

v9th October, ‘Whose Streets?’ – Urban Space and the Performance of Protest – Matthew Williamson

v6th November, Shakespeare’s London – Dr Hannah Crawforth

v4th December, Psychogeographies of Boredom – George Legg

Spring Semester

v15th January, Underground London in the Nineteenth Century – Zeynep Harputlu

v5th February, Sinking the Estate: Regeneration and the BBC – Jay James May

v5th March, Soldier in the City: The Place of the Military in Urban Space – Pip Thornton




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